Provide 100 bites per category.
  • PULLED PORK             QTY 100

Put some south in yo’ mouth!

  • RIBS                                   QTY 100

Tickle my ribs!

  • CHICKEN                        QTY 100

Where there’s smoke there’s flavor!

  • BEEF                                   QTY 100

Licensed to grill. We ID.

  • SAUCE                              QTY 100

Boss of the sauce!


Come on! You know you have what it takes!
  • AMATEUR – $35

If you consider yourself a BBQ hobbyist, this is your category.


If this isn’t your first time behind the grill and you are a grill master, this is your category.

Music by Eric Lindell

Win Braggin' Rights for 2020!

SIDES: U Pick 3

Provided for each team.
  • Table

One 8 foot table provided per team.

  • 2 Chairs

Have a seat, flavor takes time.

  • 2 T-Shirts

It’s all about spirit!


  • Charcoal of Woodbase Grill

No electric please.

  • Meat for 100 Tastings

Per category.

  • Cooking Utensils

All your needed grilling supplies.

  • Yep! Food Trucks OK!

All Proceeds to Benefit

Hosted at Idyll Hounds Brewery